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Cooperations and the “Storm Sisters” project

I love, love projects with others.

Especially when my cooperation partner is as passionate about a project as I am. And this is how the “Storm Sisters” project came to live.

With Johanna (Patine Noire) it was actually really easy and arose more from the idea of getting to know each other better. It happened in quick succession... only with the sentence "We can meet and what do you say if we craft together?"

We quickly agreed that crafting alone wasn't enough, why not make outfits that had the same theme. In the end it was wind and water, so to speak moving water...

The first meeting is now over, we have already sat at the breastplates for 6 hours and are very happy. We'll get together again in mid-March. Enjoy the time with relaxed conversations, the sound of the heat guns and small snacks until we finally have two great outfits ready that need to be photographed.

You will definitely see more about this in the coming weeks.

Whether it will be individual posts, videos or photos remains to be seen.

But since photos usually speak the most beautiful language, I'm attaching a few more to you.

What do you say about collaborations? Which were your favorites?

Two creative women and their project
Patine Noire and Naruvien

A smiling woman and her water breastplate
Naruvien and first results

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