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Naruvien and the LARPzeit

As some of you probably know, I also write crafting articles for the LARPzeit from the Zauberfeder Publisher, about 1-2 times a year (if you don't know them yet, read/watch them). So in the last few years some articles, interviews and advertisements have crept into this great LARP magazine. The cooperation was always friendly and I always liked to read my name or that of my label. After all, a lot of work goes into such articles, especially the high-quality photos and easy-to-understand descriptions.

The crafting area in the LARPzeit is only a very small one, albeit of course an important one. ;)

But the Corona time was not very helpful here either. The LARPzeit is supposed to tell us about great cons, the scene and changes, hardly anything happened in these 2.5 years.

That's why I would like to encourage everyone who likes reading this blog to diligently write articles, buy the newspaper, support online (yes, commenting and liking the page is also part of it).

We easily forget what role these "little" things, like a newspaper, play for and by the scene in our world. A randomly "found" LARPzeit in a train station shop has already made some people dream and also led to a new hobby. But the newspaper is also great for exchanging ideas, because you quickly learn something about other genres and what's going on. Social media is often overfilled in this respect.

At least that's how I want to express my thanks.


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