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What is happening?

Updated: Jun 24, 2023

And whoops, 2 months have passed without you having heard much from me here. Ah yes... but there is so much happening right now and if you want to "reorder" yourself, unfortunately a lot of things will be forgotten.

So now a small update and then hopefully very soon some more useful content for you.

There will probably be another LARPzeit crafting article from me very soon. Until we have clarified which topic it should be about, I remain in a waiting position. But I'm sure, after the Beyond the Seals (LARP) at the latest, I'll know more about this.

I just can't get the idea of ​​a crafting book out of my head. Maybe I can work more in that direction during my summer vacation. However, since such a project will eat up a lot of time, it may of course be possible that it will not be completed until spring/summer 2023. So please don't expect too much. ;)

Then I'm quietly planning my future career. This applies in particular to my self-employed work, but also to many ideas for more passive income. I notice how the last 2 years have taken me more and more physically, especially because I just (in my opinion) work too much and end up having too little on my bank account for it. But you will surely learn more about this in the coming months. It should definitely go in the direction of "location independence".

In order to still offer the chance to take part in Worbla Workshops for little money, I will be giving 2-3 more workshops at the adult education center in Würzburg this year. These are themed and not, like my Worbla Workshop Weekend, designed for completely free wish props. Still, you learn from scratch how to work with the Worbla varieties and end up going home with a fancy item. Registrations will soon be online on the VHS website (more information when the time comes).

Of course, I also make custom props, but I have to say that the waiting time can be 1-2 months. I just have too much "on my calendar" and would like to experience and do so much more. But feel free to message me if you need anything!

So far so good.

We will definitely read each other again soon! Thank you for your attention.



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