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The "Storm Sisters" Project - Updates

I will treat this article a bit like a live ticker, meaning the latest will always be at the top. If you would like information about how it came to this project, please read the article "Collaborations and the “Storm Sisters” project". Otherwise, have fun following my current collaboration with dear Johanna (Patine Noire).

March 16, 2024

We finally managed to meet again. Luckily, since we got off to a good start last time, we already knew where we could go from there. Since Johanna is the expert for large headdresses, I left the field to her for now, as she can best determine what works and what doesn't. In the meantime, I finished my chest plate and worked on an upper arm bracelet. We also talked about fabrics and will certainly come to an agreement on this during the development process. I think the pictures speak for themselves. We're definitely excited to see what happens next. The next meeting won't take place for another month. Easter, holidays and other projects are getting in the way a bit, but since we're not stressed, we're just looking forward to the next time.

February 20, 2024

First meeting of the “Storm Sisters”. Since sketches have already been created, we both start directly with the chest plate and can already make great progress in the first 6 hours.

Initial ideas for fabrics and undergarments are discussed and postponed until next time.

A good start!

In mid-February 2024, Johanna and I wrote to each other to meet up soon. It was primarily about getting to know each other and less about crafting. But since we are both creative, it quickly became clear that “snacks, talks and crafts” was a good combination for both of us.

This naturally gave reason to the question: “Crafting yes, but what”? So why not start a joint project right away. The first doubts as to whether we could come up with a common topic quickly disappeared, on a Tuesday at the latest, when we compared our Pinterest pages with project ideas. There were actually several overlaps in ideas, some of which we might realize in the future.

Nevertheless, we stuck to the theme of "water, sea and storm", which for me evokes feelings of the North Sea, so it gets rough, gray and a bit biting. Whereas Johanna will create more gentle waves with a coastal feel. What this actually means for the project is being worked out. We're both the types who decide in the process and follow our feelings. So let yourself be surprised.

Sketches of our concepts
Sketches of our concepts


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