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Prop Creating meets High School

When the art department of the high school, where I work as an administrative employee, approached me and asked if I could imagine giving a costume and prop making course for the kids in the 2022/23 school year, I was thrilled. The student council had one lesson available - per week - and I was now allowed to fill this with a program. Since 45 minutes is a fairly short time for such a complex area, I decided to use 90 minutes every two weeks, which ultimately turned out to be the right decision. Designed as an elective course, the children had to apply for it and despite my concerns that the subject area might not arouse much interest, I was convinced of the opposite.

Ultimately, unfortunately, I had to cancel a few children and add 2 more places, as only eight people were originally intended. Ten kids in the course, whoa... what was I thinking, I thought a few times. Even my workshop weekends never have more than eight participants, but fingers crossed to me. ;)

Now, a good nine months later, I can say that they all turned out to be true, little prop masters (mostly with great vigour) and that makes me really happy.

Maybe next year something handicraft can take place at the high school again, I would definitely be there.

Here are a few impressions from the course:


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