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Tips & Tricks: The pattern

If you want to build something, you often need things that fit the body and have to be exactly your size and not generic S, M, L or XL or what ever...

That's why it's good to know how to create your own pattern!

What you need:

- Cling film / plastic wrap

- Adhesive tape

- A decent pair of scissors

- A dark permanent marker

I'll show it to you with a bracer. The same procedure also applies to all other areas. I would also like to expressly point out that these are patterns for props made of thermoplastic, not patterns for textiles. ;-)

Put your materials together so you have everything you need to hand if no one can help you. Wrap your arm in cling film. 3-4 layers is best. Please not too tight, otherwise you will have problems with blood circulation! adhesive tape goes on top. Basically, it doesn't matter how you do it - whether you wrap it around it, like the foil, or in strips sticks on. It is only important that all areas - where a bracer should sit - are covered.

Now you can draw in the bracer with your permanent marker. Where should the opening be, what shape should it have. Just draw as neatly as possible around it. You can also use a mirror until you are satisfied.

Now cut -carefully- along the opening of the bracer to get the pattern off the arm again. If it's too tight, take nail scissors and work your way forward step by step. It's better to invest a little more time than hurt yourself.

Now you have removed the pattern along with the foil and can enjoy your work for a moment. ;-)

Now cut cleanly along the lines and get rid of the overhanging foil residue. It is only important that the painter's tape does not stick anywhere and that you can continue working with it for the time being.

In addition, you can of course also create or add other parts. For example, if you want the bracer to protrude beyond your elbow. Take a piece of paper, adhesive tape and stick it to the rest. You can also put the bracer on your arm again and again to see how it looks now.

Now all you have to do is place your pattern on your material, mark it, cut it out and continue working.

I hope you enjoyed the post and I cleared up a few questions. Feel free to leave a heart, comment or Facebook post.


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