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How To Craft: Alien - Insect - Mask


- Cardboard mask (

- Foam or Silk Clay (

- water bowl

- Hot Glue (

- rubber band

- Glass colors (

- Glossy varnish (optional)

- Crafting foam or felt (optional)

- Cutter or scalpel (optional)

- Wig head + holder (optional)

Prepare your workplace. Moderate space is enough for this. If you have, use a wig/styrofoam head and a table stand. That makes working a little easier.

On your cardboard mask, mark which areas you want to cut out. A sharp cutter knife or scalpel is very suitable for this. Be careful not to fray the cardboard too much, so it should be really sharp.

Overlapping material is not a problem, you can cut it a bit with nail scissors, for example, so that it is cleaner overall. But now it gets more technically demanding:

Now place the water bowl close to you and open the Foam Clay. Form structures as you like around the cuts and also in the "empty" areas. Water works here almost like with clay, so you can smooth everything out very nicely.

I also like to use modeling tools for a certain surface structure. Just try it out, don't be shy! When you're done, the material should dry very well. I then like to put it in a warm place and wait 12-24 hours depending on the thickness of the clay. I know... waiting is difficult. ;)

I like to use the time to create fine structures in the shape of my holes, using hot glue. Works best on a silicone baking mat, from which cold hot glue can be removed best.

Now glass color is used. It is an absolute matter of taste whether the color is transparent or opaque. In the end you can see enough through the gaps if you made them big enough. Also let the glass paint dry well on the hot glue and seal it afterwards so that no paint ends up in places where you don't want it, even through friction.

Before you can now insert the "honeycombs" into the openings, the mask should be painted. If necessary, cut the sides of the mask beforehand. To make them look even more alien, I cut the cheeks/jaw a bit narrower.

In order to get a really organic, 2-color look, you can roughly paint the mask (i.e. leave extra gaps) with black acrylic paint and, after drying, work over it with (green) glass paint. Since the glass color is shiny, you immediately have a "wet", organic look. Please let everything dry thoroughly and seal!

Now carefully glue all the "honeycombs" into the mask from the inside. You can use hot glue for this. Roughly protruding areas simply carefully with fine scissors. remove. To make the mask even more comfortable to wear, you can either support the contact surfaces with foam rubber or line them with felt. Of course, this is optional and a matter of taste.

Now pull in a rubber band - if you like, you can of course drive in tubular rivets to reinforce the holes - and the alien - insect - mask is ready.

In addition, of course, you can line the eye areas with tulle or organza, so that it looks even more mysterious when you wear it. But this is absolutely left to the artist. :-)

I hope you enjoyed the post, please leave a comment here or on my Facebook page.



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