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About me

Quality through experience

I was born on November 24th, 1986 in Eisleben, Germany. As the daughter of a choir singer and a photographer, I felt a certain way  Talent and enthusiasm for the most diverse forms of art are already in the cradle.

My talent for the visual arts was discovered and encouraged at school. In doing so, my  I am particularly interested in the Middle Ages, its mysticism and magic  early work. In addition to various design projects and first commissioned works in the field of painting, I showed  but also musical talent: for two years she led her own choir and later a musical group.  

My fascination for the perfect interaction of mind and body is also reflected in other hobbies such as horseback riding, LARP (Live Acting Role Play), Jiu Jitsu, Karate and Judo.

In 2006 I started mine  to develop his own special direction of painting, which also deals with this interaction. I have design  I discovered new possibilities and opened them up to me when the topic of "thermoplastics" became more and more topical and was no longer only used in the field of cosplay. Therefore, thermoplastic has become one of my favorite and most used materials. "Worbla" is basically (almost) without limits.

At the moment I am preparing for the WELTENwerker Konvent and workshops would also like to be planned. Above all, you will find many transparent / luminous projects on my channels and at the fair. 

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