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Thoughts, goals and what happens next...

Now it's carnival... and there's a war not so far from here - in Europe. And actually it's not colorful and funny at all, but bloody and scary. But you still tell yourself that somehow life has to go on. Because how bleak would life be otherwise?

Most thoughts seem strangely trivial when you look out at the world. From the almost ignored climate crisis, which further fuels the causes of immigration via insane despots, everything is included. Nevertheless, time passes in the same rhythm of our perception and we just keep getting older.

For years now I've been pondering "What next" or "What do I want to do with my life" and fail because of deeply rooted beliefs or judgments from outside. I mean, who doesn't know this: You have a groundbreaking idea and tell it to people you trust and the reaction to it is devastating. Even if the advice comes from the heart, of course. So you put the plans down with a weeping heart and they smolder in the shadow of our memories for years. Until they are either forgotten or reappear at some point. Like "Hello, I'm back! You won't get rid of me that quickly." And of course you are often just as unprepared for it or strong enough to tackle it.

So what to do? At the beginning of 2020 I was really convinced to go in the event management direction. It was not yet entirely clear whether it should be approached as a degree or on a seminar basis. Well, and then Covid-19 showed me the middle finger and made it clear that apparently this will not be my path. So when the income from building props fell away (no more exhibitions and cons, so no need for great props either), I worked in my fitness studio on a 450 euro basis. Since I trained there anyway, it was a good idea. I did that for a good six months before I accepted another part-time job - in addition to the morning job. So far so good. So now almost full-time employment + sport + selfemployed work (slowly coming back) I often lack the energy to even think about what could be.

Yes, I am currently writing a book. The main purpose of this project is to get all the ideas out of my head and at least to have peace of mind. When are you going to read this? No plan, but I definitely have no stress and no deadline.

But I keep writing and it will be.

At the moment I'm working hard on my assortment and on the planning for the WELTENwerker Konvent, which hopefully can take place in April in Giessen. At the end of April, just one weekend after the fair, a Worbla-Workshop-Weekend will also take place in Augsburg. There is still space for a day guest, so if someone comes from that corner, please get in touch. Otherwise there are no plans for 2022 - except maybe the desire for vacation. That may sound a bit bleak at first, but right now it's hard for me to imagine a world after April. I'll look around for a few seminars, do some online stuff and hopefully it'll get a little warmer soon.

What are you doing at the moment? How are you doing?

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